What is special about buying or business for sale in Tenerife?

What is special about buying or business for sale in Tenerife? The main engine of economic growth in the Canary Islands is tourism. According to the Tenerife Tourism Administration, in the first quarter of 2017 the island has already received 1.3 million tourists. The number of tourists from the UK from January to March amounted to 462 thousand people. The number of Spanish tourists was 190.8 thousand people. It should be noted that the number of tourists from Russia, Canada and America has increased, in comparison with the European market.

Today, the Government of Spain and the local authorities of the Canary Islands continue to work on the development of the tourist sphere of Canaries. This is evidenced by important events that take place on the island and new projects planned for 2018-2019.
Canary Islands can be a great place to relax and to run a profitable business.

The island attracts people, because of good conditions. In the Canary Islands is easy to start and run business. After all Tenerife also belongs to the zone of the European Union, where the interests of entrepreneurs are protected by loyal laws. Moreover, here is a free economic zone. This means that there is less taxes to pay. For example VAT is only 7{087152889191f5aef74856283a3303630c576d000194e3521d6ab04bfeac214e}. And many more options to save on taxes, by the end you can pay O{087152889191f5aef74856283a3303630c576d000194e3521d6ab04bfeac214e} on your income. You can get business on the island by buying an established business, or by f

baorming a personal company from “0”. Most entrepreneurs choice are the most common type of activity – restaurant business: opening and buying pubs, restaurants, cafes. It’s really very profitable here.

If you are interested buy a ready to go business, our company “HOUSE TENERIFE” is pleased to offer you a full range of services related to the selection and purchase of a suitable facility for you.
The main goal of our company is to provide high-quality and professional services, taking into account the most exact criteria of the client.

Unlike other companies in Tenerife, we select our customers the business they want to buy, not the one that needs to be sold.

Bar, pub, cafe, restaurant, Tea Rooms, Bakers & Confectioners in Tenerife: what business do you like?
For many one of the important components of recreation in Tenerife, is the menu and the atmosphere of restaurants. For the first time on the island, you immediately notice a variety of prestigious restaurants with famous names. The southern coast is strewn with many small bars and cafes. In restaurants, the polite hosts offer to taste Canarian dishes made from fresh vegetables, meat and seafood. Do not be surprised if the restaurant is in the walls of an ancient monastery or right at the foot of a volcano. On an impressive observation deck overlooking the Atlantic Ocean you can get together for dinner with a large family. It is likely that one of the restaurants in which you may find yourself will have a Michelin Award. And the noisy and cheerful night bars offer a huge variety of cocktails and drinks.

If you can not find a suitable business in our catalog, or you need more information, please contact us for personal advice.
– Based on your needs, we will begin an individual search for a business object.
– Negotiate the price and terms of the contract
– We will provide assistance in all legal matters related to the purchase of business in Tenerife
– We will provide after-sales services to achieve your business success in Tenerife.
We will be glad to see you among our successful clients!