Tourist Guide on Smathers Beach in Florida

Smathers Beach is a 1.5 miles long public beach with a few palm trees in Key West, Florida. Several big hotels are located just across the street including La Brisa, and Sheraton Hotel. Many Florida beaches have seashores that are made of seashells but Smathers Beach has an all sand shore that is easy to walk on. Besides strolling, you can stretch out your body and bathe in the sun.

If you want to swim, it is recommended that you hire a boat and go further out from the shore. This is because the water can get muddy near the shore. If you see muddy water, you should put on your swim shoes so that your feet get protected from any sharp object that you can’t see clearly in the water.

The water is usually calm and has zero to small waves which makes it kid friendly. The water is only a few feet deep, which is normal for beaches in Keywest area. It has a warm water temperature of around 80 degree fahrenheit. The sand is not too hot and will not burn your feet when you walk on the beach. Smathers Beach has a small jetty for strolling. However, because of the jagged rocks, you should not strolling barefooted on the jetty. Get more details on Smathers beach information.

If you need a chair and umbrella, you can go to the Sunset Watersports kiosk to rent them. These two items are necessary if you want to lay out in the sun for hours. It costs $10 to rent the chair and the umbrella. Even if you don’t want to bask in the sun, you can still rent a chair to put your stuff. Smathers Beach often gets windy and the sand will be blown all over the place. You can  find a shade under a palm tree if you don’t want to rent an umbrella.

At Smathers Beach, you can also rent paddleboard, kayak or catamaran if you want to have some adventure in the ocean. If you need help in surfing or rowing a boat, you can ask the staff at the beach sports rental place.  The water sports rental shop can be found in front of some boulders.

There are a number of volleyball courts where you can play volleyballs for free. Kiteboarders can be spotted on the eastern end of the beach. You can also do snorkeling to see some fishes under the water on this beach.

There is a sidewalk where you can cycle bicycle, jog or walk. Along the beach, you will find food trucks lining up. You can order various types of affordable snacks like fish burrito, and shaved ice from the food trucks.

There are a few bathrooms and outdoor shower where you can rinse off the salt water. Smathers Beach is situated near to the airport so you can often hear airplanes taking off loudly. You will also get the opportunity to see a lot of air traffic at Smathers Beach.

A lot of professional wedding shoots are done at this beach every day. It is also a popular venue for couples to have their wedding ceremonies. You can frequently see 1 – 3 couples getting married at the beach on the weekend. Couples can bring their own coolers, food and drinks and have a romantic picnic at the beach.