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Why your Ride Should Always be A Volvo Are you looking for a vehicle model that will deliver a perfect combination of both pride and comfort? If yes, the writer takes you through a unique coverage right away. This is what is termed as having an intelligent drive; driving a car that has all unique features yet is very pocket friendly, leaves others drivers amazed because of its speed and stability. This piece will not exaggerate anything but just highlight great features of Volvo automobiles. The modern vehicle industry is full of different players; you need a fair advice that will give you ample freedom to make your best choice. You have to choose a vehicle that manufacturer has a sound track record in the current auto mobiles market, the one with auto repair shops all over the world.One has to be very keen because cars are machines which are subject to wear and tear; in case of the expected scenario, the manufacturer must have car clinics in various places in the world especially in the town near you and Volvo has all these car clinics all over. Convenience is key because all you want is a quick fix in case of any mechanical issue; the least you expect is to have a mechanical issue which will cause any inconvenience. Volvo has excellent reputation for safety in cars; you obviously a car that you will feel safe because anything can happen when driving, accidents are a reality anyway. Volvo manufacturer has increased security measures over years, and the modern automobiles have taken this firms heritage to a great level; the company continues to strive for enhanced safety features a reason why most of its research and development budget, a bigger part of it goes to safety. For than 60 years ago, Volvo manufacturer innovated a laminated glass to protect driver from shard. In 1958, Volvo engineer also introduced the first 3-point safety belt. This tells you that Volvo safety technology has been the bench mark of most of the vehicle manufacturers hence, all you have is to consider purchasing a Volvo model, and you will have a car that has an array of safety features included. Here are some of the best Volvo safety features in brief. BLIS- Blind Spot Communication System is designed for use on the highway. BLIS- Blind Spot Communication System detects vehicles getting in car’s blind spot using side-view camera typically mounted on the mirror. You can imagine a system that detects a car which is as far as 70 yards away.
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The uniqueness of the safety feature is here; a system that can detect if there a possibility of collision between your car and a pedestrian, and automatically applies the brake.
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Volvo models have numerous safety and comfort features, has the latest engine technology, outstanding in shape and much more. Always make your vehicle purchase after some search.