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Advantages of diagnostic imaging in diagnosis Injuries and other causes of disease have become easy to be located and identified by various diagnostic imaging. These various diagnostic machines have become so useful to doctors and physicians to ensure that various diagnosis are made perfectly and appropriately. Such techniques include magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), x-rays and CT scans and are all the best in diagnosis. The medical professionals can now gain access to the patient’s bones and tissues and find problems. After the imaging, the doctors, will use the pictures to check the conditions of the patient’s bones, tissues, nerves, muscles, and other organs. The pictures obtained after the imaging are used by the doctors to conclude on various conditions and treatments. Radiographs or X-rays are diagnostic techniques that perform imaging and are most prevalent in all the areas of the medical profession. The body part to be examined is position between the x-ay equipment and the film itself. This will allow the electronic waves to penetrate the bones or tissues and they will then be imaged. The most important thing here is the regulation of the radiation doses. It should be kept at low and other various considerations to be taken. X-rays work in a way that a white color is displayed in denser body parts and a gray or dark color is shown in less dense parts. The reason for this is that denser regions do not allow radiations to pass through while less dense regions do. The x-rays technique allows imaging in any angle. The doctor can image both hands of patients even if one hand had problems and comparison done. The technique is quick hence it save time. CT scan technique is a high performance method and it gives detailed images. Combination of a CT scan technique and x-ray technique enables medical professionals to check the size, shape and position of the objects, tumors or any other thing. MRI scans also gives detailed, cross- sectional images of the patient’s body. MRI is a technique that does not require the patient to be exposed to various radiations. If there are metal clips or objects in the body of the patient, MRI will allow the doctor to locate them. With the techniques, bones and various tissues can be imaged. Installations of these machines might seem costly to various medical professionals or hospitals but they give the best diagnosis. Body parts that would otherwise be difficult to access can now be accessed with this techniques. Various patients who have had injuries, objects, r tumors can now benefit from them since they will just be images and the problems solved. The techniques don’t involve any pain to the patients and not much labor required from the medical professionals. Various medical professions undergo extensive training on use of the techniques and they are exposed well before they begin using them.

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