Is a No Labels Relationship Really a Relationship at All?

Does a specific name matter? Is a relationship changed by what a person is called? Shakespeare discussed these questions in Romeo and Juliet when the female protagonist asked her love, ” What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” Considering how that doomed relationship ended it is easy to say that names do matter to many people and the wrong name can be devastating. This is how women often feel when their partners fail to refer to them as their girlfriend.

Why does it matter?

Committed women rarely want a no labels relationship. Using terms like “girlfriend” and “boyfriend” notifies others of the commitment. Without it, many women feel as if the man in their life is keeping their options open. They worry he may be ashamed and not want others to realize they are more than friends.

Should they discuss the problem?

An honest conversation is always recommended. There is the chance that he is unaware how important it is to his partner. He may not even have given the issue any real thought. Perhaps the relationship has not reached a point where he believes there is a relationship. Discussing the problem is the only way to know why he is avoiding using that term.

What if he refuses to use the term girlfriend?

Relationships rarely work out when one person is more committed than the other. It is a red flag if a man is aware that the woman he is dating wants their relationship to be official and he still avoids letting others know they are a couple. The idea that men feel genuinely devoted to a woman and still have a phobia about using a word like “love” or “girlfriend” is unrealistic. He may enjoy the convenience of the relationship and not want to lose the benefits it provides him. However, this is not a two-way partnership.

There are a number of women that believe they can convince a man to settle down, love them and respect them. It is this belief that keeps women in pointless relationships that will never end happily. It is important to have open and honest communication to understand completely how both people feel. The romance must end if the man declares her his true love and still refuses to publicly acknowledge a woman as his girlfriend.